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Double Vision: Sound & Sight (Music, pix, Video)


DAGUERREOTYPE (photo gallery)



Back Cover Legend of the Bleeding Heart.jpg

Produced by Klaus Karloff assisted by Charles Why

Recorded and mixed by Charles Why in England (London, Olney, Totnes, Glastonbury); France (Paris, Besancon, Belfort); Iceland (Reykjavik); Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay) and Bali (Ubud).

Mastering @ Crystal Mastering Melbourne by Joe Carra & Klaus Karloff

Cover image by Bones Taylor

Pictures by Amelia-Moon

Artwork by Laur

Chanson du Forcat.JPG
Chanson du Forcat (Convict Song) [24-44]Golem Dance Cult
00:00 / 03:17

An exclusive, non-album track, a cover of  an obscure Serge Gainsbourg track, “La Chanson du Forçat"

Gainsbourg recorded this song in 1967 for the soundtrack of the TV show “Vidocq”.


For this version, Australian singer/songwriter, Inga Liljestrom lent us her amazing voice.

The track has been masterised by Loki from Spooky Records.


Dalek Rhetoric Single. Different (Crystal) mastering than album version

Music by Charles Why/Lyrics by Laur & Charles Why
Laur: lead & backing vocals, percussions.
Charles Whybass, guitars, cigar box, keyboards, shruti Box, Tibetan bowl, percussions, harmonica, lead and backing vocals, programming and sampling.
Mixed & Produced by Charles Why (@ Gesamtkunstwerk Studio)Masterised by Klaus Karloff @ G:.A:.D:.L:.U:.


Carpe Noctem

August 2023- Video directed by Klaus Karloff who here invites viewers to an imaginary road trip... Or witnessing the moment when ones drive to seize the night becomes an obsession and takes control.
Road scenes have been shot in New South Wales and Victoria (Australia), scenes inside the car -with Laur and Charles- in Besancon (France) and ghostly apparition of the beautiful Inga Liljestrom in Belgrave (Australia).
Additionally there is extracts from a police embedded camera ( and views of Bonnie and Clyde’s Death car.

21st Century Dogs

May 2023- Video made by Klaus Karloff, with image shot by Amelia-Moon, Laur and Charles Why. The plot is to understand what the World looks like through the eyes of a dog...before and after said dog decides to bite the hand that feeds and revolts against the masters. All under the -not so helpful- eyes of Golem Dance Cult. Additionally Klaus used the screen as to make the protagonist crept at you, involving the viewer in a direct way. The video includes reference and extracts to/from:  "Night of the Living Dead" by George A Romero; Le Chien Andalou" by Luis Buñuel; Wolf Blood a Tale of the Forest" by George Chesebro.

Dalek Rhetoric

January 2023. Dalek are extra terrestrial killing machines with a binary thinking pattern: you are either a Dalek or they will destroy you.
This video has been realised by Klaus Karloff and shot on location in Emerald train station, Melbourne (Victoria, Australia), Besancon and Belfort (France).
As a visual inspiration, in addition to Dalek (Doctor Who), there are reels of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia (another Dalek move), extracts from the movies “Phantom from Space” and “Plan 9 from outer space”  and of course cameo from our old mates “Nosferatu” (Max Schreck) and “Dracula” (Bela Lugosi).

Special thanks to Aaron for the drumming.

Nosferatu Waltz

Video made by Klaus Karloff to celebrate Halloween 2021... Shot on location in the UK (Emberton and Olney) and France (Besancon and Belfort) with additional footages from the first “Nosferatu” (Friedrich Wilhelm Murneau), “White Zombie” (Victor Halperin -starring Bela Lugosi) and “Beauty and the Beast" (Jean Cocteau). Special thanks to Inga Liljestrom for the beautiful backing vocals and her cameo at the end of the video.

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