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Peripheral Art: Charles Why on his "Wishing Bone Box"

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So the cover of our first E.P.                                                                   

is a stamp based on a Wishing Bone Box.

Wishing Bone Box?

Wishing Bone Box originated from my fascination with Mexican culture and particularly the celebration of after-life with objects made during the "Día de Muertos" ceremonials.

This is a nodal points between contemplative life, fears, desires and the field of possibilities that can be projected beyond itself, to the meeting of the inner Holy : An “augmented” Vanitas

I started retrieving empty cigar boxes from tobacco shops or given to me by friends. Travels due to my transcontinental family have given me the opportunity to collect all kinds of natural, organic objects and artefacts  from all around the World.
Initially, the intention was to discover forms, play with color codes and occupy my fingers (having  just quit smoking).





Before I left for England, I had the opportunity to present my Wishing Bone Boxes at the "artist open workshops" in Paris. The reactions of visitors and the feedback I received is what prompted me to share these WBB beyond my private circle. 

I did a Lemmy (from Motorhead) Wishing Bone Box for one of my favorite rock singer, David Roach of  the band Junkyard 










And last one I did was  for the Birthday of Laur.


=Within these Wishing Bone Box we can find a Rock' N' Roll iconography but also Faith celebrated by Ceremonial and Ritual aspect and a testament to our ability to talk about death without ever really looking her in the eyes.

"Et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt, Baby"

Charles Why

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