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New Album:
"Legend of the Bleeding Heart"


What is
Golem Dance Cult
All about?

Golem Dance Cult is an “Industrial Dance Rock” music project started by two friends* Charles Why (Lost A Noise/Nexus/L-DOPA  …) and Laur (Sparkling Bombs/Kevin K Band/Vague Scare/Other-ed…)

The sound is heavy (both Laur and Charles are “sons of the mighty guitar congregation”) but danceable:

a "mechanic, ritualistic groove with soul and grit".

One of the main parameters being that the intention need to be kept spontaneous (favouring vibe over perfection), instinct followed and mistakes expanded upon. A rock based style without the formal structure of the genre and bringing an electronic approach in the layering of the tracks, done following a total DIY ethic!

*Charles and Laur had actually started their musical journey together when they were teenagers all those moons ago... Later they even toured together in their respective band and always stay friends, but eventually they each followed their musical path...That is, until 2021, during this strangest of times, they reunited (Laur is based in France while Charles was in the UK -and is now in Australia) for a new musical adventure under the moniker "Golem Dance Cult

In their very first band together Laur was the drummer and now, in addition to percussion, he is the main singer, sharing vocals duties with Charles Why, who is playing bass, guitar, cigar box, harmonica, various traditional instruments (Shamanic Drums, Shruti Box, Gong, … ), programming, sampling, while manning the production.

They are joined by Klaus Karloff, a mysterious misanthrope German modern Shaman, who is in charge of the mastering aka "Sonic Seance".

Why Golem?

Not to do any Wikipedia, but "Golem" here is a tip of the hat to the myth of this man-made creature that protect the oppressed, and at the end goes out of control.. The foreboder of Frankenstein some say... You can read a lot into that...


"Imagine an old Hammer horror movie directed by Dali and recoloured by Andy Warhol"

Handprint1 copie_edited.jpg
Origin/Genesis of der Golem


21st Century Dogs

May 2023- Video made by Klaus Karloff, with image shot by Amelia-Moon, Laur and Charles Why. The plot is to understand what the World looks like through the eyes of a dog... before and after said dog decides to bite the hand that feeds and revolts against the masters. All under the -not so helpful- eyes of Golem Dance Cult. Additionally Klaus used the screen as to make the protagonist crept at you, involving the viewer in a direct way. The video includes reference and extracts to/from:  "Night of the Living Dead" by George A Romero; Le Chien Andalou" by Luis Buñuel; Wolf Blood a Tale of the Forest" by George Chesebro.

Dalek Rhetoric

January 2023. Dalek are extra terrestrial killing machines with a binary thinking pattern: you are either a Dalek or they will destroy you.
This video has been realised by Klaus Karloff and shot on location in Emerald train station, Melbourne (Victoria, Australia), Besancon and Belfort (France).
As a visual inspiration, in addition to Dalek (Doctor Who), there are reels of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia (another Dalek move), extracts from the movies “Phantom from Space” and “Plan 9 from outer space”  and of course cameo from our old mates “Nosferatu” (Max Schreck) and “Dracula” (Bela Lugosi).

Special thanks to Aaron for the drumming.

Nosferatu Waltz

October 2021. This video has been made by Klaus Karloff to celebrate Halloween 2021... Shot on location in the UK (Emberton and Olney) and France (Besancon and Belfort) with additional footages from the first “Nosferatu” (Friedrich Wilhelm Murneau), “White Zombie” (Victor Halperin -starring Bela Lugosi) and “Beauty and the Beast" (Jean Cocteau). Special thanks to Inga Liljestrom for the beautiful backing vocals and her cameo at the end of the video.

Marry Me Frankenstein 

June 2021. This video has been made by Klaus Karloff and Charles Why. Shot on location (Besancon/France and Weston Underwood and Olney/UK) by Laur and Amelia-Moon. Additional footages from the first "Frankenstein Movie" by Thomas Edison and "Der Golem" by Paul Wegener. 

(In My Time Of) Living on Mars 

May 2021. This video has been made by Canadian experimental filmmaker, Guillaume Vallee who worked on VHS with analog hardware.

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