What they said about us... 


The piece is indeed a truly creative effort, consisting of a bold and compelling material. Expertly executed and crafted, the track is both defiant and demanding, challenging the listener and daring them to go beyond. The build up is entertaining and very appealing with its entrancing vocals. We will gladly add this one to our playlist. Cheers!


Free Indie Culture

(In My Time Of) Living On Mars is like a trip to Mars indeed.  I like the experimental mood of this piece of art, iIlike the mood and the despair it brings within.


Scream & Yell

 I loved the sound! It has all the industrial characteristics, but it has ... soul. A dark soul, tell the truth. I loved how many things seem to be happening all the time in music. The guitars are sounding rough and wonderful. The bass seems to drag everything. The voice is a guide that guides the listener in an exemplary way through the sound storm. A delight of music. On the headphones it sounds even better. 

RPM Online

Intrigued to investigate further this EP from two (old) friends Charles Why (Losta Noise/Nexus/L-DOPA…) and Laur (Sparkling Bombs/Kevin K Band/Vague Scare/Other-ed…)  Its a great earworm as it crawls into your ear and enters your brain and takes up residence offering little snippets of bands you know you like and ones you know you don’t but the influences draw you in closer and you’ll definitely like what you hear.

Great name for a band as well and the album title is cool (pretty much every time I switch on the radio it’s pumping out Grotesque music) Anyway, the tunes. Apart from the opener being something of an introduction with native American chanting (which always give me the chills, I could listen to it all day) its ‘Capitol Blues’ that starts off the noise mashing up samples and a cool Jon Spenser Blues Explosion style riff over a drum loop its certainly very listenable and the louder the better the experience.   Pitched somewhere between Beck and Gary Numan and throwing in a whole heap of other influences this mashup is all over the place in a good way mixing some Urban Dance Squad with some horns and distorted guitars and some dance beats its certainly stretching your palet but succeeding in making you nod your head all in a good way.

‘Nosferatu Waltz’ is also out there pushing the boundaries of Gothic undertones as implied by the title it’s Daniel Ash and his old sparring partner Mr. Murphy dancing up some sisterhood.  Dark and mysterious but all very listenable for sure. On ‘Doppelganger’ there’s a big rolling riff on top of some sample coming on like some of Bowie’s work which must have been a bit of an inspiration here whilst the sound is heavy there is a lot going on but never too much.  It’s well constructed but has appeal and not too self-indulgent or unlistenable.  Again it’s a different texture to the other tracks with an air of spontaneity and a certain take it or leave it atmosphere.  Jump on board and get down with Golem Dance Cult it’s good stuff. LEaving only the video track we’ve included to close off the EP for your listening and viewing pleasures.  go to Bandcamp and check em out you really wont be dissapointed.

M de Música

There’s something truly and transcendentally dystopian in this track. It comes from the gutter but it’s translated into a melody that, at times, merge from the contradictory sounds, sparse tempo changes and distinct elements that blend in curious ways. It’s a dark and hazy track, dramatic and smoky, with its two feet stuck on an industrial mood that’s quite captivating. 

Midsummer Madness 

Interesting intro guitars with effects, vocals reminded me of Bowie and some 80s post-punk bands like Love & Rockets. 

Headbangerz Club 

Instrumental sounded pretty trippy and interesting. I liked it a lot.

Rock Alternative News

Stop, arrêtez vous ici 5mn avec le premier extrait du premier ep des Golem Dance Cult, qui sortira ce 25 mai. Entre dark wave electro et indus, ce duo franco anglais va vous emmener dans leur univers singulier, qui plaira à tous les fans de new wave et post punk.

A découvrir absolument.

Rats On The Run

There's some great dirt bound sounds in this. Totally dig the schlock horror side of it and maybe Nosferatu Waltz is my fave.

Thoughts Words Action 

Such an interesting composition. I can hear several genres that are surprisingly working well altogether. There is a strong presence of southern rock, Americana, alternative rock, shoegaze, and dream pop working like a charm together. These southern/bluesy rock sonic maneuvers are doing wonders with a nearly shoegaze ambiance. There's is a strange abrasiveness that also goes in favor of this composition. 


NOW Books & Music 

I really love the way you start with this intro, and the guitar (and its sound) is pretty cool the whole way. What an interesting direction! I also liked the groovy waves, I could've listen to this track even longer, so carry on! 


Écoute Ça ! Podcast 

On est clairement sur quelque chose de très contemplatif avec cette réverb sur les voix et la guitare qui donne ce côté "désertique", la basse en boucle etc. Du coup, j'ai trouvé intéressant et original le fait de passer par un beat électro plutôt qu'une batterie traditionnelle qui aurait été plus conventionnelle pour un titre psyché.

Chouette découverte, j'irai jeter une oreille à l'EP


Love the vibe of your track it seems like you worked a lot on it. Keep up the good work, your song is lovely! 


El sonido de Golem Dance Cult es pesado pero bailable, un ritmo mecánico y ritual con alma y coraje. Buena muestra de ello es esta (In My Time Of) Living On Mars.

Beat Buzz News

Hey, brilliant track!! I have added to the top of the Our Digs section on the website. 

HomeCooking Share

It's very dark indeed! But in a good way! With the right amount of darkness to really set a specific and exciting atmosphere. And then there is a little bit of light that comes through. It is really excellent!


Very expressive song structure between Punk and Electronica with a Jazz-influenced beat that is changing while the song flows. You will not hear this on radio.

Feral Art

It's very powerful and nicely rough. The voice reminds me a bit of Franz Ferdinand.


"Marry me Frankenstein" dei Golem Dance Cult, stravagante duo franco-britannico, dallo stile urban punk.

Pan FM

Great intro! The vocal performance sounds great! It fits the vibe of the song! I love the energy. The vocal timbre sounds great! The instrumental sounds great! You make use of a lot of different elements. I like the sound of the guitar. In terms of mixing, you make the instrumental sound very good. The structure is unique. A dynamic tension curve can be recognized. 


Merci pour cette découverte, vous avez un univers bien à vous, beaucoup d'intensité, aucune barrière... On sent l'esprit punk évident.

Pop Occulture

Cool spin on the 80s gothic rock sound!

Colorful Playlists 

Great track with a pretty special and groovy vibe. Production is great as well!



I Golem Dance Cult sono un duo Industrial Heavy Rock Dance/Electro Stoner/Electro Glam Goth dislocato tra Regno Unito e Francia.
Il nostro primo E.P. “Grotesque Radio” è l’Ep di debutto uscito il 25 maggio 2021 (Flying Rats) e questo che stiamo ascoltando è il loro singolo dal titolo “Marry Me Frankenstein”.
Una traccia, messa in risalto dall’uso di synth e suoni campionati che ne conferiscono buona orecchiabilità e un buon tiro. L’atmosfera ridondante rende l’ascolto profondo e dalle vibrazioni intense.
“Marry Me Frankenstein”, si muove su un’unica linea, senza cambi di tempo repentini. Nonostante manchi di una buona dinamica, la traccia è ricca di spunti e dettagli interessanti che ne rendono l’ascolto davvero trascinante.
Un buon biglietto da visita per questo due Anglo/Francese, che fa ben sperare per la buona proposta dell’Ep.

Disco Goth

Good guitar riff, the vocals fit the song well. Good rhythm!



Hello Golem Dance Cult! Great EP name. The track is a nice mix of alternative, downtempo and darkwave. The instrumental is cool. Interesting vibes. We like the production vision.

#🆁🅺🅲 - Radio Kaos Caribou

Great track : kind of goth/blues mixed with UK indie rock/electro 90s scene. That's defoe for such creative ambition we do radio.

30 years a track like that would have been famous in few weeks. Nowadays because of artists / bands wordlwide daily releases invasion, hard to get attention. Happy to become soon a little stone in your patth building.

Os Garotos De Liverpool

GOLEM DANCE CULT É um duo de Industrial Heavy Rock/Eletro Glam Rock, que lançaram há cerca de um mês o EP "Grotesque Radio", onde traz ao público ouvinte seis faixas multi-gêneros, passando por vertentes como dark-pop, post punk e até mesmo stoner, além dos estilos principais da banda.
Em "Marry Me Frankenstein", single do EP, Charles Why a descreve como uma canção de amor: "Sempre achei Frankenstein, o Monstro, um personagem realmente adorável. Esta é uma canção de amor para a pista de dança!".
Nela também podemos ver elementos da variedade musical do duo, que conseguiu trazer para seu estilo a cítara indiana, mesmo que tenha sido por poucos segundos no final da faixa, mas que com certeza caberia nela por uma duração maior. Essas influencias podem ser ouvidas também em backgrounds instrumentais com beats dançantes, trompas e guitarras distorcidas ao longo do EP, cpomo em 'Doppelgänger'.


Groover Radio

Très cool ce que vous proposez, une ambiance rock underground dès les premières secondes et une belle énergie, ça doit être fou en live !!

Album Of The Year

Grata surpresa! Um dos sons mais originais e interessantes que ouvi em 2021. França e Inglaterra unidas, as vezes, dá bom!


 Great vibes. I enjoyed the global spirit of groove which suscitates kind of a will to head bang!

Headbangers Brazil

Golem Dance Cult is a duo of Industrial Heavy Rock/Eletro Glam Rock, who released the EP “Grotesque Radio” about a month ago, where they bring six multi-genre tracks to the listening public, including dark-pop, post punk and even stoner, in addition to the main styles of the band. “Marry Me Frankenstein“, is the first single from the EP, where vocalist Charles Why describes it as a love song: “I always thought Frankenstein the Monster was a really adorable character. This is a love song for the dance floor!”. Before pressing play, the band's name and aesthetics already deliver what we can expect from the song. Of course everyone remembers the classic Alice Cooper, and even Rob Zombie. “Marry Me Frankenstein” brings several elements that go through Industrial, post-punk and synth pop, with references from the bands Killing Joke, Bauhaus, and even Beck – this one the last one is due to the timbre of the voice, which sometimes resembles Beck, now Marilyn Manson. Golem Dance Cult incorporated a mix of good music and created its sound. The “Grotesque Radio” EP will please many fans, with its dark air, exuberant style and danceable rhythm.

Metal Obscura

l dúo industrial de Heavy Rock/ Electro Glam Rock Golem Dance Cult, publicaron su EP debut “Grotesque Radio” el pasado 25 de marzo. Integrado por Charles Why y Laur, presentan este nuevo proyecto, reuniéndose a crear música para alimentar los corazones oscuros.

Iniciando dentro de la industria oscura con su adelanto (In My Time of) Living Mars, teniendo buenas criticas por parte de la prensa especializada, además de acercar a los escuchas de Killing Joke, Cocteau Twins, Love & Rockets y Bauhaus, a un mundo industrial lleno de pasajes oscuros

En esta ocasión, publicaron su nuevo videoclip Marry Me Frankestein, basado en la creación monstruosa de la novela de Mary Shelley. Este corte romántico se ve acompañado de algunas secuencias de la primer película de “Frankenstein” de Thomas Alva Edison y “Der Golem” de Paul Wegner. Con respecto a la melodía, esta resalta del uso de sintetizadores y sonidos muestreados que dan una atmosfera de vibraciones intensas.

El video fue orquestado por Klaus Karloff

“Imagina una vieja película de terror de Hammer dirigida por Dali y pintada por Andy Warhol” comenta Charles

Grotesque Radio se integra por seis cortes. El dúo británico – francés, nos transporta a un diferente estilo en cada tema, desde shoegaze, hasta el post punk. Un ritmo mecánico y ritual con alma y garra.

Booklet Magazine

For Fan Of: Beck, Bauhaus

“Immagina un vecchio horror della Hammer diretto da Dalí e colorizzato da Warhol”. Così si presentano al mondo i Golem Dance Cult, duo francoinglese nato a gennaio 2021 dal ricongiungimento di due vecchi compagni di liceo durante il lockdown e in seguito a un trasferimento post-Brexit. Il sound del gruppo poggia su salde basi industrial, ma è reso meno pesante dall’inserimento di influenze glam e alternative rock: da più parti la band è stata avvicinata a un incrocio fra Beck e il cantato dei Bauhaus. Il loro EP d’esordio, Grotesque Radio, è uscito da qualche settimana, e il relativo CD in edizione limitata è composto esclusivamente di pezzi unici, perché stampati a mano con la riproduzione di un teschio realizzato in occasione del Día de los muertos in Messico (in questa foto potete vedere meglio). Potete avere un assaggio col singolo Marry Me Frankenstein, ovviamente accompagnato da un videoclip dalle forti tinte gotiche.

Money Bee Radio

We loved the 90s vibes (thinking NIN), we loved the retro video, the lyrics and sound altogether. We'll share it on our radio show!

Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos

I actually love your song and will indeed add it to my playlists! As a fan of the genre, I was hit with such a good feeling while listening to it. I love how you guys used and combined every element on this, and how weird and incredible it all sounds. I mean weird in the best way possible!